Scandinavian Countries Inspired by Canadian Immigration Plan

Scandinavian countries, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are worried about handling the increased influx of refugees and immigrants. If you’d know a little bit about political science, you’ll know that these countries for long have been a model for creating policies that other countries follow. Scandinavian policies for economic efficiency, social welfare, equity, public health system, and energy law are excellent examples of a positive and corruption-free political system. For long these countries were known as policymakers, while Canada is always famous for being a policy borrower. But not in one sector and that is immigration. For long, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway were searching for an inspiration for immigration and integration policies, and it looks like they’ve found their favorite. It isn’t the first time; Canada has inspired the Scandinavian countries because they are using their reform laws since the early 2000s. Even though Canada is an immigrant country, unlike Scandinavia, the countries can still use the immigration policy. Norway has adopted Canada’s citizenship ceremonies, and Denmark has developed its own points system after getting inspired by Canada’s comprehensive rankings system. Canada is a long-term player in immigration and is very multicultural. The Scandinavian countries are freshers to the field, but the Canadian immigration policy is so open and selective that you can pick a few points and develop your own.

Successful immigration model

Looking at its acceptability all across the world, one can surely say that years of efforts taken by the federal government in Ottawa has finally seen the daylight. Canada’s immigration policy has gained international recognition, which reflects its stability and values. Skilled immigrants all around the world are choosing Canada over the US because it is a safe country and getting permanent residency is easier too. Even international students are opting for Canada, even though still more students go to the US, the former country will take the lead in a couple of years.

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