New Visa Liberalization Agreement Signed by Serbia and Georgia

Citizens of Serbia and Georgia can now travel to the other country without requiring a visa. The agreement was signed by Mikheil Janelidze, foreign minister and vice prime minister of Georgia, and Ivica Dacic, foreign minister of Serbia on March 7, 2018. The Georgian visa prime minister also met Ana Brnabic, prime minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, Serbian president, and Jadranka Joksimovic, European Union integration minister. With the meeting with Vucic, the two discussed bilateral cooperation, the current situation in Georgia, and economic cooperation. Vucic considers the relation between Georgia and Serbia as good and traditionally friendly but insufficiently disturbed when it comes to the economy. The Serbian foreign minister said that in 2017, the trade value between Georgia and Serbia reached 6 million euros. According to the Serbian president, the visa liberalization agreement will help develop favorable conditions between the two countries in terms of business, trade, and tourism. It will also help attract foreign investors, develop tourism, and improve economic cooperation. Janelidze informed Vucic that Georgia is interested in establishing strong high-level political dialogue and also introduce direct flights between Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, and Belgrade, Serbia’s capital for promoting tourism.

Visiting Serbia

Largest country of the Balkans, Serbia is the home to 19th-century mansions and castles. Places to visit in Serbia are the Drina, Church of Saint Sava, Nikola Tesla Museum, Fruška Gora, and Belgrade Zoo. Serbia is a lot different than other countries in Europe. Meat is a favorite among Serbians, and therefore, all food dishes are hearty and full of calories. Traditional food dishes to try in Serbia are Pljeskavica, Schnitzel, Karadjordje steak, stuffed paprikas, Tripe soup, and Proja. Best time to visit Serbia is from April to May if you don’t want to experience the cold winter. But anyways, make sure to carry warm clothes, because the temperature is always going to colder, especially if you are from a tropical country.

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