The Australian government announced in the Last week that it would increase visa time for foreign pilots since there is a shortage. Australia has finally opened itself to immigration and is inviting highly skilled workforce into the country. One of the most recent advances in the Australian immigration system is the Temporary Skill Shortage visa. This TSS visa will replace Australia’s most famous 457 visa, which is a work visa. Once the TSS Visa is implemented, the government will have to change its rule of permanent residency. The Australian government will abolish the 457 visa system from March 1st, 2018 onward to make way for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa. This visa system will contain two types of visa - short-term stream and medium-term stream. The short-term stream lets you stay for up to two years and is renewable only once while the other one enables you to stay for four years. Even those on the medium-term stream can renew it but can instead apply for permanent residency after working in Australia for three years. However, not everyone is eligible for the medium-term stream visa but only to some limited occupations. It is very similar to the 457 work visa. The Australian government has brought in tighter rules for both the visa streams including increased experience requirement, compulsory labor market testing, higher language proficiency, and accepting salary set by the government. Occupation lists for the two categories In April and June 2017, the government modified the Short-term Stream occupation list and Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List to accommodate the new work visa. Some occupations that removed from the short-term stream occupation list are recruitment consultant, beauty salon manager, and hospitality manager. Occupations that added to the short-term stream occupation list are the real estate agent, property manager, and university tutor. The list for the medium and long-term stream is likely to remain the same with some additions.

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