Canada strongly believes that the youth are the country’s future and are always doing everything possible to make things easier for the youth. Last year, Immigration, Refugee, and Canada Citizenship removed the rule that applicants need to be 18 years or older to apply for citizenship. And now, in February 2018, Ahmed Hussen, immigration minister of Canada, said that the federal government had reduced the application fees for minors applying for citizenship from CAD 530 to only CAD 100. Reducing the fees by $430 will help children who live in foster care or welfare centers. Every type of minor, with or without parents, is eligible for the reduced application fees, considering they fulfill all said criteria. Also, the immigration minister announced that minors who applied after June 2017 will get a refund of $430. All refunds will be given starting from February 15, 2018, and will go on for 12 weeks. However, one must understand the criteria for applying for citizenship is slightly different for minors with parents and for minors who’ve raised in welfare system or foster care. Same requirements include:

  1. Minor has to be a permanent resident
  2. Parent or caretaker must sign as a co-applicant
  3. No language or knowledge proofs are required
  4. Minor should take Oath of Citizenship if 14 years or older
Differing requirements for minors without a parent include:
  1. Minor needs to be in Canada for three out of the last five years
  2. Minor needs to file income tax returns as the CRA might demand it
For minors with parents, it isn’t necessary for them to have a Canadian parent or a parent applying for Canadian citizenship at the same time. They can apply independently but require them to sign the petition. This program will help minors become Canadian citizens and make a permanent place in the Canadian society.

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