Good News for Pilots Working in Australia Regarding Immigration Laws

Australian immigration laws have faced quite a few changes in the recent past, and most of these have resulted in a tighter set of rules. The country’s immigration department cut down a great deal on the issue of work visas. However, this caused a big problem for aviation in Australia, and the resulting shortage led to an amendment. The Australian government has decided to relent on pilots because aviation is an essential part of the Australian economy. The country, in fact, depends on flights to serve its wilderness areas. The change has been protested, of course, by the opposition, who believe that Australian pilots can also be appropriately trained, if they have given a bit of time, to meet the demand and reduce the shortage. They believe that it is possible because Australia has the good weather most consistently when it comes to the flying. The same parties have also raised valid concerns for the country, regarding ownership of airports by non-citizens. They are pushing for laws which would ensure that at least the ownership of airports in the country is in the hands of the citizens of Australia. It will surely take time, and the shortage needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, so the best way, apparently, was to loosen the reigns a bit and grant foreign pilots work visas so that they can fill the gaps and the enormous demand. The Regional Aviation Association of Australia is happiest about this loosening of immigration law for foreigners of its own department. The good news about aviation department is that they are working on making things even better and simpler for foreign pilots regarding stability, by petitioning for four-year visas for them. This, they believe, would make hiring a lot more stable and quite a bit less stressful.

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