The Home Ministry of India has announced a news on Tuesday that the spouses of Indian citizens, who belongs to foreign origin are now eligible for obtaining the OCI card. Foreign spouses of Indians now eligible for OCI card The OCI card (Overseas Citizen of India) is a multi-purpose visa which grants permission to enter and exit India at will. OCI card has a life-long validity. The Ministry introduced a simple process for Indian nationals who wish to renounce their citizenship. This makes things easier for Indian citizens who wish to apply for another country passport. The eligibility to apply for the OCI card covers spouses of Indian citizens as well as those of OCI card holders. They, however, should be able to fulfill the rules and conditions of the Card. Until now, they don’t have access to apply for this OCI Card. But by having it now, they will have equal civil rights with all citizens of India in educational, economic and financial fields. However, they cannot acquire properties for plantation or agricultural purposes. The OCI card scheme was introduced in 2006. This scheme provides an opportunity for all persons whose country of origin is India from 26th of January, 1950 to till date. Those who were eligible to be citizens of India as at 26th of January, 1950 are also eligible to apply for this. Citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan were the exemptions of getting OCI card.

Citizenship renunciation rules also reviewed

The Home Ministry in 2009, also reviewed the Citizenship Rules pertaining to citizenship renunciation. To renounce one's citizenship in India, the concerned Indian national will make declaration in the dedicated form for renunciation. Once the form is filled and forwarded to the concerned authorities, they will begin the processing for your application. While processing it, they will verify the information what you have entered in the form. Once they satisfied, will issue a renunciation certificate to the applicant. Stay connected to VisaTime to remain updated on visa news from Asia, Africa, the US, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East!

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