Canadian Government Lifts Visa Requirements for Mexican Citizens

On December 1, 2016, the Canadian government lifts visa requirements for Mexican citizens traveling to the country and is now regretting their action. In 2017, more than 1,500 Mexican citizens have crossed the border and are seeking asylum in Canada, according to the Immigration and Refugee Board. Even though Canada has kept a lot of funds for better handling of asylum seekers, it isn’t ready to handle so many of them, who are entering the country illegally. In December 2017, the Liberal government took away visa requirements of Romanian citizens. Before that, Romanian refugee numbers were almost zero, but just in two months, it has risen to more than 233. These people know that entering Canada is very easy and so is seeking asylum. Before July 2009, Mexican citizens didn’t need a visa to travel to Canada, but that year after seeing that around 9,000 Mexicans entered the country, visa requirements were put down. Refugee rates reduced significantly as only 86 Mexicans claimed asylum in 2014 and 111 in 2015. During his 2015 campaign, Trudeau tweeted that he will lift the visa requirements for Mexican citizens traveling to Canada to strengthen the bond shared by these countries. It will encourage a strong flow of tourists, businesspeople, and investors in Canada, which it definitely but also brought asylum seekers with it.

Rich country

Canada is a richer country than Mexico as the minimum hourly rate is $12 compared to $3 given in Mexico. Most refugee claims made by Mexicans in Canada are fear of drug cartels, as many knows are very prominent in their country. Key factors for these people moving is Canada and then becoming citizens is visa-free travel, better healthcare, better future for their children, and safe neighborhood. There aren’t much Mexicans in Canada as most of them transported only to the US, but the numbers are steeply increasing.

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