Canadian Government Invested $440 Million for Express Entry System

Canada’s future depends greatly on the federal Express Entry program, and provincial nominee programs and the government doesn’t leave a leaf unturned to ensure that everything happens smoothly. Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Immigration Minister, announced on February 15, 2018, that the federal government had invested CAD 440 million ensure the success of all the programs. The three-year plan will be admitting the most number of immigrants in the past hundred years, with immigration rates highest in the past 40 years. It starts from 2018 and ends in 2020, and will be admitting more than one million immigrants. 60 percent of these visas will be given to skilled immigrants, while 40 percent are reserved for refugees, family reunification programs, and more. Supporting the Express Entry system, are the several provincial nominee programs, which are doing absolutely great in attracting immigrants and retaining them. The government has varying targets set for each year, which the target is hitting its maximum in 2019. Through the provincial nominee programs, the Canadian government will be inviting 55,000 immigrants in 2018, 61,000 in 2019, and 67,8000 in 2020. Hussen said that provincial economies are doing well and asked the federal government to help them meet employee demands put forth by local employers.

Credit goes to better planning

For three years - 2015, 2016, and 2017, the federal government set yearly immigration targets, and the plans weren’t performing that well. Setting a three-year target has given the government a better idea and estimate of the future. The $440 million will be invested in faster processing, family reunification, programs for refugees, and operations of the immigration department. Canada wants to achieve the ratio of 2:1 people working per retired person by 2036, making immigration an essential method to do so. Also, by 2036, 5.5 million people will retire, and Canada’s 100 percent population will be immigrants.

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