British Citizens are Happy with Immigration especially with India

Posted on: 04 Jun 2018  |   Tags: UK tier 2 visa , visa program ,

According to a survey released on May 30, 2018, Britons support a more liberal visa system for foreign medical staff and doctors from countries like India so that National Health Service meets skill shortage. You Gov conducted the survey on behalf of 38 Degrees, a campaign group from the United Kingdom. The survey revealed that 14 percent of British citizens are okay with the current monthly cap on non-European Union skilled workers. 71 percent agreed that the British government should approve visa applications based on what the National Health Service needs. The survey was conducted a few days after more than 1,000 Indian doctors were denied tier 2 visas despite being recruited by the National Health Service. They weren’t given the visa because UK Home Office reached its monthly tier 2 visa limit. Because of the limit, many NHS trust hospitals are short-staffed. It seems like the NHS is most affected by the monthly cap. Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, chairperson, British Medical Association Council wants a more flexible immigration system that doesn’t turn away doctors that are needed by the country. While more than 100,000 NHS positions still remain empty, the UK tier 2 visa reached its cap for the fifth time in a row.

Supporting British campaigns

Ramesh Mehta, president, British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, said that his organization endorsed Health Education England initiative and brought doctors to the United Kingdom from India to learn and then returned home. Despite the support, Home Office has been very unfriendly and stopping NHS quality doctors coming from India. However, if rumors are to be believed, a source said that Jeremy Hunt, UK Health Secretary, the UK Home Office is going to launch a special visa program for NHS and social care staff. The visa program needs to be started soon because hospitals are finding it difficult to manage daily operations.

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