Even though the US government has sent troops to its southern border to check illegal immigration, states like Wisconsin are trying their best to get more foreign employees through the H1B system because all the state's industries are going through a major skilled labor shortage and not even all unemployed residents can fulfill the demand. Supply is too tight, so the industries want Congress to increase the H1B visa cap or develop new pathways to bring foreign talent to the United States. Need to talent is very acute in Wisconsin. It doesn’t make sense for the American government to allow international students get advanced degrees from US colleges and universities and send them home. As a government, you invest in those students, and it doesn’t make sense to send them to their countries. Many reports and surveys were done on Wisconsin industries reveal that all of them, regardless of which sector they belong to including dairy, information technology, agriculture, and construction, are suffering from a labor shortage, which isn’t healthy for their progress. The Wisconsin dairy industry has more than 50 percent, immigrant workers. According to Gus Faucher, senior vice president, and chief economist, PNC Financial Services Group, the only way to keep the US economy up is by bringing more foreign workers to the country. Advanced energy sector Wisconsin’s advanced energy sector will be creating around 44,000 jobs in the following year, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough people to take these jobs, which will be a major setback for the industries and state government. Most of these jobs will be in the sensors and controls production department. This is the right time to encourage international students to enroll in American universities and give them a job in the country. It is time to change how the system works, and instead of reducing illegal immigrants, resources should be put to increase skilled immigration.

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