Peter Roskam, US Representative from Illinois, said that the US gives people a picture that anyone can come here and achieve what they want. They shouldn’t be stopped from achieving their dreams. By stopping immigration, the US government will be committing a serious crime. Roskam called Trump’s use of words as disparaging language. He feels that the United States is a country that is based on an idea and is an exceptional country. You cannot be critical of the people who aspire to become something by coming to the US. You cannot criticize them but consider them one amongst yourself. Roskam said he supports the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that was started by former US President, Barack Obama, back in 2012. Roskam is from Wheaton, Illinois and is 56-years old. He also responded to what Trump recently spoke on Haitian and African countries immigrants. Roskam said that Trump is a racist and filled with hate. He repeatedly used ill words while addressing the immigrants. Roskam thinks no other US president has till date used such words in the White House. He found it very regrettable that Trump leaves a heavy influence when he says such words. He also thinks that people of the 6th District support immigration and want to find a solution for it. Let’s get it done Rather than talking about it all the time, Roskam feels that the government should find a solution to it soon. The 6th Street favors the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals just like Roskam. They want to bring up the topic and find an end as quickly as possible. Roskam is holding office since 2007. According to him, it is impossible to break down a big policy like the DACA completely. They can’t do much about such a big law and are simply making a scene out of it.

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