The US Senate passed the Taiwan Travel Act to strengthen ties with Taiwan by unanimous consent. However, China isn’t happy with the act and said that it might create a rift between US-China relations. The act still isn’t a law, but it will be as Donald Trump, US president, will soon sign it into legislation. The Taiwan Travel Act allows all American and Taiwanese officials to visit the other country to meet their counterparts. The Taiwanese government will be allowed to promote their cultural and economic officials to conduct business in the US. White House hasn’t yet confirmed if Donald Trump will be signing the act, but it is highly unlikely for him not to sign or veto against something that the Senate has passed unanimously. Xinhua news agency, a news agency run by the Chinese government, said that they are strongly dissatisfied as the act violates the one-China principle that considers Taiwan as a breakaway Chinese province. Over the years, the Chinese government has become growing hostile against Taiwan after Tsai Ing-wen’s Democratic Progressive Party won the elections in 2016. China feels that Tsai will push for formal independence, which the Communist country is absolutely against. China also threatened Taiwan that if the law is passed, there won’t have stability in the Taiwan Strait. Chinese foreign ministry refused to comment after it was announced that the Senate had passed the act. China’s premier will be talking to the US government about the act and hopes for further strengthening of relations between the two countries.


Taiwan is a calm country, where everyone does their bit of good and support the government. Neighboring countries especially Hong Kong, which is a Chinese territory, likes Taiwan’s approach. And this has resulted in people from Hong Kong migrating to Taiwan for work or retirement.

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