US President Proposes a Merit-Based Immigration System for Immigration

The merit-based immigration plan introduced by President Donald Trump seems to already be in favor of skilled talent from overseas. US President Proposes a Merit-Based Immigration System for Immigration President Trump gave a speech in the White House Rose Garden on 16 May 2019 where he made a proposal that the shares of immigration for high-skilled talent be increased from 12% to 57%. The president expressed his conviction that the time was ripe for America to adopt a merit-based system for issuing visas. The system will favor foreigners who have skills, are willing to work and contribute to American society. They will also be willing to love and respect America as a country. Many experts consider this good news for a lot of Indians. According to the founder and CEO of EB5 BRICS, Vivek Tandon, this is because out of the total pending employment-based applications for the American green card, 75% belong to Indian applicants. This is a vast contrast in the percentage of Indians whose applications for family-based green card applications are still pending. The percentage is at 7%, and this makes Indians more favored for the merit-based system. EB5 BRICS by the way is an immigration firm.

Is this a solution to the H-1B crackdown?

This proposal for a new immigration system is coming right on time when the crackdown for the H-1B visa is at its peak. The criteria for the specialty occupations have been narrowed down while the rate of Requests for Evidence (RFEs) has bumped up. The uncertainty surrounding the H-1B scheme even got worse with the fear that the work authorization for the spouses of H-1B visa holders — the H-4 visa holders — will be removed. With the proposed system, permanent residence permits can only be issued when applicants have written English language and civics tests. In all, Indians will benefit significantly from the proposed system. By removing the per-country limit for green card applications, the processing time for Indian applicants will be reduced. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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