An agreement signed by former US president, Barack Obama and Malcolm Turnbull, Australian prime minister exchanges refugees between the two countries. US president, Donald Trump, considers it dumb but since it is an international agreement, his administration has to follow it. So, according to the agreement, the US will help 1,250 refugees from Australia to resettle in the US, if Australia agrees to welcome refugees from the North American country’s Costa Rican refugee camps. These refugees come from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, where violence is spread widely. On February 11, 2018, fourth group of refugees consisting 22 people left from Australia’s refugee camp in Nauru for the US. The group consists of all single men and one Rohingya couple. This group is the second one to leave from Nauru, taking the total number of people settled in the US in the latest cohort of 110. There are still over 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. The groups that refugees sent include Afghans, Rohingya Muslims, and Pakistanis. Since Iranians and Somalians are banned from traveling to the US, they won’t be a part of these groups, even though Nauru has a lot of both of them. Other countries on whom the US has imposed a travel ban are North Korea, Venezuela, Chad, Libya, Yemen, and Syria.

Threatened for a better life

A Rohingya man, who is now settled in Australia with his family, told at the detention center that if he rejects to resettle in the US, he will have to stay in Nauru for 20 years. The guards also said that men should separate from their children and wives if they want to go to the US. Mike Pezzullo, department secretary, Home Affairs, said that all this conversation had confirmed through phone recordings and emails, and strict action will be taken soon.

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