The US government led by Donald Trump is pushing for merit-based immigration, but it is also struggling to increase Green Card issuance by 45 percent. The House of Representatives introduces it and if it gets passed, Indian techies out there will surely be relieved. The bill is backed by Donald Trump administration and is called Securing America's Future Act. But, there is a condition to it. The annual immigration to the US is 1.05 million. If the bill becomes law, it will reduce the immigration to 2,60,000 annually and end the diversity visa program. The H1B program limit won’t be affected in any way. It was introduced by Martha McSally, chairwoman, House Homeland Security Committee Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee, and Michael McCaul, chairman, House Homeland Security Committee, and Raul Labrador, chairman, House Judiciary Committee Immigration, and Border Security Subcommittee, and Bob Goodlatte, chairman, House Judiciary Committee. Every year the US government allows 120,00 green cards. If the bill becomes law, the US will start issuing 175,000 green card or permanent residency cards. An unofficial survey says that over 5 million Indians are waiting for their US Green Cards. Some of them are waiting for the green card for decades. But with the new bill, the waiting period will reduce drastically, and many of them will even get their green card the following year itself. Until now, Mexicans have received the maximum number of permanent residency card at 158,000, China at 74,000, and India at 64,000. Permanent solution to all problems McCaul said that is a very easy and common and effective solution to all the immigration, border, and internal problems in the country are now facing. The bill, Securing America's Future Act, aims at stopping chain immigration. So only the spouses and children can come to the US and not other family members.

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