With June 2018 soon arriving, all Silicon Valley giants have started forming alliances to urge Donald Trump to restore the working authority of H4 visa holders. Through FWD.us, a joint association of Facebook and Microsoft requested Trump administration to not eliminate employment avenues for immigrants as it would severely affect the US economy. On April 24, 2018, FWD.us released a report saying that current Trump administration should reverse their decision of taking away the working authorities of H4 visa holders and shouldn’t make policies and regulatory procedures difficult for those wanting to come to the US and those are already there. The report examines the negative effects strict immigration will have on the American economy. They agree that that US immigration system is outdated and faulty but that doesn’t mean you close doors but should instead work together should reform the system as immigration is the single most driver of the US economy for many generations to come. H4 is a dependent visa given to spouses and dependent children of H1B workers. When these workers apply for US green card, and the application gets approved, their spouses can acquire the employment authorization document and work in their domain. It was started by Barack Obama when he was the president in 2015. Hitting Indians the most 80 percent of H4 EAD visa holders are Indians, so it is obvious that Indian families are going to be affected the most. Maria Navas-Moreno, co-founder, Lever Photonics and H4 EAD visa holder, is a physicist and entrepreneur and the best way for her to use her talent is contributing to the science and technology sector. But if her working requirements are taken away, she won’t be able to do that. 93 percent of those are women who leave their glistening career back home to be with their husbands.

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