Philippines to Appeal Trump's 1-Year Ban on Work Visas

The Philippines has requested for more info on the decision of the Trump administration to enforce a 1-year ban on new Filipino workers coming into the country. If the reason for the ban turns out to be baseless, the Philippine government might have to appeal the ban. Philippines to Appeal Trump's 1-Year Ban on Work Visas If the US continues with its plan to ban Philippine workers from getting into the country, the Southeast Asian country will then find other countries where its citizens will be allowed to work. Salvador Panelo revealed this info, spokesman to Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday. The Foreign Affairs Department of the Philippines has in a statement, urged its citizens to abide by the US Immigration rules. Furthermore, the Department expressed its willingness to assist the US authorities in handling the matter. America enforced the ban beginning from January 19, 2019, and added in a notification last week that a lot of workers from the Philippines do not adhere to the terms and guidelines of the visas. The announcement further revealed that close to 40% of H-2B visa holders who are from the Philippines overstayed their authorized periods. With an H-2B visa, a foreign worker can come and work in the US, but for a temporary basis to provide non-agricultural services seasonally. Filipinos got the highest number of this visa issued to Asians in 2017 with 767 visas going to them. This number, however, is below 1 percent of the total given out to applicants from all over the world, as revealed in the statistics of the State Department.

The ban was informed by high rates of human trafficking cases

America's Department of Homeland Security is bothered about the high number of trafficking victims who were formerly holders of the H-2B visa. They became concerned that the continued issuance of the visa could only be encouraging more cases of human trafficking in the country. The same visa ban was extended to citizens of Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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