No African Citizens Granted Visas for California Trade Summit

Posted on: 22 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , USA , visa ,

A yearly trade summit for African nationals in California was not attended by Africans after around 60 attendees were denied a permit, organisers of the summit told reporters.

The Global Economic and development summit for Africans is a summit that lasts for around three days and takes place at the University of Southern California. It is graced by representatives from around Africa to discuss with trade leaders in the United States in a bid to make relationships better.

This year, though, every attendant from who was supposed to be present was denied a permit into the country.

A few people are now wondering if the refusal to issue them permits for the event was remotely connected to migration laws put in place by current President Donald Trump. Trump is currently sponsoring a bill that aims to forbid nationals from around six nations entrance into the United States.

A representative of the summit told newscasters that approximately 100 people from around 12 countries were denied permits for the event which did go according to plan even with a much smaller attendance record than planned for. It was held from last week Thursday through to Saturday.

“I am not aware if this is Donald Trump’s doing, or if it’s just an act of discrimination from the embassies who want to use the travel ban to deny just about every race permits to the country. I don’t know, but it is a sad development in my opinion,” a representative said in an interview. “These business summits make and produce employment opportunities for both America and Africa.

What is happening is just too sad.

Very sad.”

The difficulties faced by attendants of the summit is just one of the very many current examples of how the travel ban put in place by the current United States’ administration is affecting the country and its overall impact on the economic and social landscape.

Medical practitioners, IT workers, protesters, songwriters and football players have all been refused entrance into the United States of America since the Trump administration began its prohibition on travels into the country. It has also had an adverse effect on the tourism industry in the country also.

Attendants of the trade summit that were turned back were nationals of various nations such as Ethiopia, Guinea, Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria and a host of other African countries.

The travel ban put in place by President Trump only prohibits nationals from Libya, Somalia, and Sudan in Africa and attendants from those three nations did not attempt to apply for a permit for the event.

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