Mexican Presidential Candidate Says US-Mexico Border Wall is Offensive

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Ricardo Anaya Cortés, Mexican presidential campaign, said that the US-Mexico border wall is useless and offensive. Cortés sounded very confident in a video that was addressed to Donald Trump, US President. Trump has always been against Mexico because many of them cross the border and stay illegally in the US. In the 2:51 minute-long video, Cortés said that all Mexican immigrants in the US deserve respect and their child needs to be protected. Cortés said that there are 35 million Mexicans and Mexican American living in the US, which makes up the entire population of Canada. Out of these 35 million, four out of five are either legal residents or US citizens. Cortés is an attorney and pianist and believes that the US is the home of Dreamers. Some of them were born there while the remaining has grown up in the US. But today the Dreamers are in danger. If Trump cancels the DACA policy, more 600,000 Dreamers will be sent back to Mexico. After talking about Dreamers, Cortés discussed some valid points about the US - Mexico border. Trump wants to build a wall across the 2,000-mile long border than the two countries share. Cortés called the border wall useless and offensive. Stability and cooperative attitude from Mexico will affect the Homeland Security’s success. As a neighbor, Mexico is one country the US needs to keep as a friend and not a foe. He said that the Dreamers are Americans too and should not treat as political pawns. He asked Trump to help these people, and they’ll make you proud.

Doing what the president wants

The Congress has a deadline of March 5 to come to a decision about the DACA policy started by the former president, Barack Obama.  Paul D Ryan, White House speaker, said that the Congress wouldn’t do anything against Trump’s wish.

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