Israel and the US Now Have A Mutual Investor Visa

US citizens who have an interest in investing in an Israeli business will qualify for a visa that will permit them to live and work in Israel on a temporary basis to manage and grow a business outfit. An announcement by the Israeli embassy in Washington on Tuesday confirmed that the program will be effectively open come 1st of May and will be reciprocated to Israeli citizens investing in the US. Israel and the US Now Have A Mutual Investor Visa According to Elod Strohmayer, the visa progress has no cap imposed on it, and all applications will be treated individually. He emphasized the fact that the investors are to make significant investments in a business and not just make contributions to an NGO. The investor is expected to own nothing less than 50% of the company. Interested investors may submit their applications to any of the Israeli consuls handling its official diplomatic missions in the US. The consul must be one that hosts a commercial attaché that works under the Ministry of Economy and Industry. These Consuls are in Washington, Houston, New York, and San Francisco. According to Strohmayer, the investor is expected to proceed to an Israeli consulate after receiving all the necessary documents. After this, it is the job of the consulate to forward all the submitted documents to the Ministry of Economy together with a professional recommendation. The inter-ministerial committee will consider the application. The committee will then make a proposal on the application and submit it to the Minister of Interior to be approved.

The visa will help the economy of both countries

Strohmayer went further to say that this move marks a significant milestone for companies and businesses. These visas will relax visa restrictions in both countries and will help boost economic activities. As a mutual investment opportunity for citizens of both countries, Israelis who have an interest in investing in the US economy are directed to submit the application at the Branch Office of the US in Tel Aviv. The E-2 visa has a total validity of 5 years, but its beneficiaries must first stay for 2 years. They could keep applying for extensions for an unlimited number of times, but each of the extensions is only valid for 2 years. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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