India's Ambassador to the US Says H-1B Visa is mutually Beneficial

India's Ambassador to the US Says H-1B Visa is mutually Beneficial

Pointing out that IT industry of India has been an essential stakeholder in encouraging and supporting more effective bilateral business dealings within the India and US, Harsh Vardhan Shringla, India’s Ambassador to the US told that programs such as the US H-1B visa must be nourished as a mutually beneficial association.

While the Roundtable on America's Extremely Skilled Workforce, the H-1B Visas' and  Talent Pipeline hosted by the Wilson Center in association with NASSCOM on 23 July 2019, Ambassador Shringla appreciated NASSCOM for their reports and highlighted the participation of Indian IT firms to the economy of US.

Importance of Skilled Indian Professionals in the US Economy

The migration of highly skilled professionals from India in the US, by programs such as H-1B visa, has been a reciprocally beneficial association which should be nourished. There is a great history of international professionals entering the US and striving to the economic success of America. By supporting to develop new services and products, involved in cutting-edge research, and assisting as enablers for US firms to develop their client base, H1B visa holders generate jobs for US workers, he further attached.

Ambassador Shringla also emphasized another perspective of the US H-1B visa program, which is the contribution of students from India to the economy of the US. Students from India are the second international student population with over 200,000 enthusiastic students, 85 percent of them seeking STEM (Technology, Science, Math, Engineering) education. Studies have revealed that Indian students add above USD 7.5 billion to the economy of the US.  Students in the US who move on with H-1B visas also encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

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