Immigration Experts Advise Investors to Get EB5 Visa Immediately

While Donald Trump is lobbying for strict H1B visa rules, several senators want the government to reform the EB5 visa or investor visa by increasing the minimum investment threshold. Immigration lawyers are advising investors or high net-worth individuals to invest in the visa before the price is increased. In March 2018, the US government extended the EB5 visa program for another six months after giving immigrants a last-minute scare that they might end it. There is a high chance that new immigrant investor regulation will considerably increase the threshold investment. Currently, applicants have to invest a minimum of $500,000 in businesses in rural areas and low employment regions. The investment increases of $ one million for high unemployment and semi-rural or urban areas. Along with that, the business should also yield full-time employment for at least ten locals. Vivek Tandon, founder and chief executive officer, EB5 BRICS, predicts that the minimum investment threshold will be increased to $1.35 million. In January 2017, Congress had drafted a bill to increase the investment amount to $1.35 million and in March 2018 to $925,000. However, investors are expecting the US government to release an amendment by September 30 before the 2019 fiscal year begins. Abhinav Lohia, vice president, Middle East and India, CanAm Enterprises, feels that no one is against the amendment of the program because what the senators are asking for is reasonable.

Not wait until the last moment

Immigration investors have advised investors to not wait until the last moment to invest in EB5 program because the processing may take time. It is a golden ticket to US permanent residency as Indians get it through the program in just two years, whereas the Chinese have to wait for around five years. Given that Indians have to wait for a short time, not many of them invest in the EB5 program.

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