Immigrant Protections Expanded by Los Angeles Mayor: Said on 22 March

Posted on: 25 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , USA , visa ,

Mayor of Los Angeles on Tuesday enlarged the protections for migrants who came into the nation undocumented, stressing the states’ refusal to assist the current administration’s effort to hunt down undocumented migrants.

An executive order requested that the fire chiefs of the airport and port security officials to comply with the police department’s structure of not looking into people strictly for the purpose of determining their migration status.

Los Angeles supports taking everyone into consideration regardless of race, migration status and ethnicity.

The city welcomes everyone to build a life for themselves and their family, and help develop the country positively, a statement by the Mayor read. Migrants are the should and body of the economy landscape of Los Angeles, with almost around two out of three residents either born abroad or descendants of migrants, the mayor said.

The law prevents any state worker from keeping with the laws of the civil migration department or permitting the utilisation of the states’ funds for such activities unless they are mandated by the law to do so.

Also, employees cannot provide federal migration officials access into any facility owned by the states unless they are bound by the law to do so.

Prisons and law enforcement agencies all around the United States have chosen not to work with the migration authorities in recent years, and in some cases stating judicial pronouncements that migrants cannot be reprimanded in prisons just on the grounds of their migration status.

Other laws have been enforced by local authorities forbidding them to cooperate.

Cops in the city and civil rights bodies have debated the hunting of migrants, such as the current apprehensions that has been taking place even in courthouses, help spread fear and terror in the communities where these people are primarily inhabiting and makes it even more difficult for the cops to earn their trust and fight criminal activities.

During a news conference, the chief of police said that this year, news of sexual crimes by Hispanics have declined by around 25% while the incidence of domestic violence has also fallen to about 10%.

Hispanics are believed to constitute the highest percentage of residents in the state of Los Angeles who come into the nation via illegitimate means.

The relationship between the community of minority individuals and the cops has been strained.

In cases where officers approach residents just to make inquiries about cases, people run out the back door because they are scared they would be arrested and deported back to their countries, the Chief of police said.


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