How US Immigration Policy affects Indians and Tech Workers

The Trump administration has promised to reduce the number of foreigners who get into the US through the H-1B visa program. This has left American firms which hire overseas skilled workers in pandemonium. US Tech Workers are moving to Canada Every year, the H-1B visa admits as many as 85,000 foreigners into the United States to work in Specialty Occupations. However, no new rules have been made yet; thus there is so much uncertainty and feeling of insecurity in the air, especially in Silicon Valley.

America's loss, Canada's chance

In the light of the current migration tension in the US, businesses in Canada are pretty much the most excited about this development. Following the long-standing desire of the Canadian Tech industry to compete with Silicon Valley'smassive reservoir of Skilled Tech workers from several countries, the stringent immigration policies in the US is being considered a blessing to Canada. Although many Americans had earlier considered moving to Canada at the beginning of Trump's administration, many of them had eventually stayed. Recently, it appears most of them are taking actions than merely thinking about it. It is difficult to keep a record of how many of them have moved to Canada so far, as most of them were residents of the US, and the Canadian Government only keeps a record of the immigrants' citizenship country and not their resident country. Both in the US and in Canada, migration recruiters and Lawyers have testified that there has been a tremendous rise in the number of H-1B visa holders enquiring on how to move to Canada since 2017 till date. Canada has further taken the necessary step of sending in entrepreneurs from the country in small groups to convince companies in Silicon Valley which employ skilled tech workers from other countries to move them to Canada. The Canadian's are not taking this opportunity for granted at all. A Canadian entrepreneur by the name IrfhanRawjibegan a company which he named MobSquad. The company specializes in assisting tech companies to move their skilled workers and software engineers to Canada. He frequently goes to Silicon Valley to promote the Canadian dream to people and companies. According to him, it would only take MobSquadas short as four weeks to move a person to Canada. AkshayaMurali is an Indian who has worked in companies like Microsoft and Expedia in the US for over 10years. She recently moved to Toronto and said good-bye to ever needing a visa. She moved with her family into Canada as Legal Permanent Residents.

Voices from the US

Most of the people who have moved from Silicon Valley, including immigration lawyers and tech executives testified thatPresident Trump was not the single initialfactor behind the rising visa fever in the region. The issue was expounded by his immigration policy and anti-immigration rules. Few months after the US President was elected into office, he issued a policy tagged "Buy American, Hire American" which ordered the Department of Homeland Security to reevaluate the H-1B program with the aim of closely inspecting the applicants. This resulted in a rise in the number of people who were denied visas and more demand for adding information from applicants by immigration officials. Some time ago, executive officers from major firms in the US like IBM and Cisco expressed their worries concerning the changes they noticed in the immigration sector to the Department of Homeland Security. They stated in the letter that when there are inconsistencies in the migration policy of a country, skilled workers get discouraged from pursuing their careers there. In a comment on the immigration changes in the US, Michael Bars, a spokesman from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service said that the changes give the country confidence in who is allowed into the country. He added that these changes would mean the US expects only the best.

How Canada benefits from the US Immigration Policy

The top political parties in Canada have been very pleased with the recently rising number of skilled workers trooping into Canada. During Prime Minister Justin Trudeau'stenure in 2017, he came up with an immigration program to ease the application process for skilled immigrants who have employment offers in In-demand occupations in Canada; Global Talent Stream. Under this stream, eligible candidates would be given a work permit within weeks. Their spouses and children would also receive work and/or study permits. According to the Immigration, Refugees andCitizenship Canada, applications to hire workers under this program have been received from more than 2000 companies. VikramRangnekar, who was formerly working for LinkedIn as a Software Developer recently moved to Toronto and said that Canada is really poor when it comes to advertising itself. He was so pleased by the country that he began to write about it. He then opened a site, "MovNorth" for people who are considering moving. In his website, he talks of how to adapt to theweather by dressing and additional benefits people get there like payment during maternity leaves. An editor at Moving to Canada(asite which caters for prospective Immigrants and new arrivals), Hugo O'Doherty said that the salaries offered atCanadacannotbe compared to what is offered at Silicon Valley; however, the cost of living in Canada is lower than what is obtainable at Silicon Valley. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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