Ghana Citizens Attracted to Migrate US because of High Standard of Life

The West has always attracted people because of its luxurious life, personal freedom, and economy and citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries feel no different. Mensa Otabil, a pastor from Ghana, said that if the United States was ever to issue visa-free access to Ghanaians, Ghana will be empty within a day. Otabil is the founder of International Central Gospel Church and addressed his congregation during his church’s 34th anniversary. During his speech, Otabil said that thousands of African risk their lives by traveling borders and the Mediterranean to seek asylum in European countries is a proof that all Africans will prefer running out of their countries if they find a greener patch somewhere else. He said that look at the number of people who cross the Sahara Desert. If the American embassy decides right now to let this week be visa-free to go to the US, all of Africa will be emptied out. Otabil asked the crowd why are these people traveling. It isn’t because they have a sense of adventure because if they did so, they would have rather traveled to Kintampo and Mole. But these people suffer from a sense of hopelessness and nothing comes useful from it. According to Otabil, the most number of Africans exit the continent from the funnels of Libya. It isn’t entirely their mistake because wars in the southern part of Africa has left the countries in ruins, in the east people have to serve in the military indefinitely, and in the western government has a lot of control that jail any person as they wish to. Some are forced to leave while some choose it.

Submerged in bad things

Libya has a 1,100-mile coastline where everything bad from smuggling to human trafficking takes place, leaving Africa is misery. Immigration to European countries has increased fourfold since 2013, and that is because people are threatened.

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