Kollol Das, an engineer from Bangalore, was in August this year, contemplating which of his two employment offers to go for. Das has years of experience in the mobile industry and got two job offers from two companies in the US and Canada respectively. H-1B Visa Complications Drive Talents to Canada His job offer from the US came from a startup in New York, while the other one came from a firm in Toronto, Canada that dealt in receipt management; a company called Sensibill. Das had a problem picking one, but his problem was solved when he decided to do background work on the requirements for immigration for the two countries. He found that for him to take the US option, he could end up waiting till October 2019 to know whether his application for the H-1B visa was successful. On the other hand, with Canada's Global Talent Stream system, Das got his approval in 5 days. In this particular talent battle, Toronto won, but Das's story is an example of what companies and employers in the USA are struggling with. Donald Trump's, “America first” agenda for immigration has not only affected those entering the country from its southern border: corporate workers have been subjected to a long waiting period to obtain the US visa and green card. Many were denied the visas outrightly. Duncan Edwards, the CEO of a transatlantic trade association known as British American Business, said the White House's mantra of “buy American, hire American,” has made US consular officers in all countries around the world become more meticulous and deliberate in their review and checking of visa applications. H-1B visas which are popular among technology companies have become more challenging to apply for, what with the rigorous application process approved by the Trump administration.

Toronto has taken more Tech workers

CBRE, a property company has come up with calculations which show that Toronto has taken on more “brain gain” higher than any city in the US. According to the estimations, Toronto created 55,000 tech jobs in the past five years which is a higher number the number of tech graduates it produced. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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