Albania Associates with EU police to Control Illegal Immigration

For long, Albania has tried to become a part of the European Union but now is their best chance. Only recently, the European country handed over its immigration security to the European Union police, so that there is better control of illegal immigrants entering the country. Even though Albania isn’t a direct route for African and Middle Eastern asylum seekers into Europe, many Albanian refugees are traveling to the richer north for a better life. Becoming a part of the European Union will give them a new identity, and they won’t be treated as mere refugees. According to the data collection of the past three years, Albanians make one of top five refugee groups entering the European Union countries. The major two pathways for entering European Union are through Greece and Turkey. The Turkey route is shut after an agreement was signed between the country and European Union in 2015. The Greece route is still open, and refugee prefer resting in Albania before heading to richer countries in the north including Italy, Germany, and France. Around a million refugees enter Europe every year using this route. Now that Albania has given the immigration security rights to the EU, the country has become a role model for other Western Balkan countries to follow suit and stop illegal immigration.

Checking migratory issues

After Albania, if Macedonia and Serbia also agree to sign the agreement, border security will be even tighter. A closer relationship of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and Albania will ensure immediate action regarding migratory issues. It also gives Albanian police to train as per European Union standards and learn better ways to tackle illegal immigration. Since 2015, illegal immigration is on the rise in Europe. No country is ready to handle that much amount of inflow because they are smaller countries and the refugees take away space meant for people who enter legally.

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