Visabot launches to help tech workers with visa applications

Posted on: 16 Nov 2016  |   Tags: tech , United States , visa ,

Offering to Make America Great Again following the USA presidential elections results the founder of a bot has been launched to help people complete visa applications for entry to the United States for work. Visabot has been  launched on Facebook Messenger in beta mode which helps skilled tech workers and start-up entrepreneurs complete their visa applications. Founder of Visabot Artem Goldman stated that ‘We help immigrants make America great again’, because we believe that actually America was built by immigrants, and of course it’s kind of stupid to think the problem…is too many immigrants are coming here,”. The aim is to continue to help entrepreneurs and tech workers to travel to be successful in their visa applications. The founder believes that Silicon Valley needs to attract the very best talent and that some of that talent inevitably comes from outside the United States. The company refers to reports that state the 40% of Fortune 500 technology businesses since 2010 have been created by immigrants, or children of immigrants and that this influx of entrepreneurs should not be stopped via restrictive visa processes.  The founders however have stated that this is not meant to be a political statement rather a tool to assist in reducing costs for talented immigrants to legitimately travel to the USA.   Donald Trump, the president elect, has yet to say if temporary work visas will be restricted or reduced once he becomes president but it is clear that many who voted for him did so on immigration matters.  Tech companies have long complained of a lack of talent from domestic employers, with the likes of Facebook arguing that need temporary visas to fill these skills gaps. It remains to be seen whether the Trump presidency will make any move to reduce the numbers travelling to the United States for legitimate skills shortages.

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