Qatar Amends Work Visa Rules for Workers

    The steps for employing foreign workers in Qatar has been revisited and adjusted under the rules of 2015 to make the entry, the stay and leaving of foreigners a lot easier. The laws guiding the procurement of permit for families and other extended families stay the same. Workers who are employed in the private department of the nation who hope to put forward an application for family permits would need to be earning a monthly wage of around 7, 000 to QAR10000. The state also stated that workers should get approval for employment permit from the nation’s Ministry of Federal Development, Employment and Societal Affairs prior to putting forward an application to the ministry. The acceptance of the permit can be secured by the workers from the department without the need of calling names. They also need to submit a copy of their passport and employment agreement and acceptance from the Ministry at the point when they are about to agree to terms with an employer. The former laws let hiring managers give around 100 permits to hire employees. The current law permits foreign workers to work with their bosses in over time by acquiring approvals from their overall boss.

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