A New Dawn for UAE Residence: Universal ID

Posted on: 13 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , UAE , visa ,

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates can now use their Emirates ID card as both a means of verification when going past immigration posts and also as a pass to get quality healthcare assistance in the nation.

As can be affirmed by one of the biggest insurance institutions in the country, Oman Insurance says consumers can now readily access health services and treatment by going to a hospital or walking into a pharmacy and getting drugs, all by just tendering their ID card. Healthcare providers all around the nation demanded from their patients the country’s insurance card before getting access to qualified medical personnel for consultation and treatment.

The transition from the original verification process of patients to the new multi-faceted ID process was affirmed by a representative for Oman Insurance. He said the company was 100% behind the government in their aim to changeover to automated services.

“Patients enrolled under the company’s scheme have the opportunity to tender their Emirates ID as a means of identification to have access to medical treatments and services rather than the old insurance card,” the representative told reporters.

The program is expected to be embraced by more of the country’s citizens in no time. A similar program is set to be put in place by the Daman Health Insurance company after marking out plans to make sure consumers experience smooth services.

News of the company striving to achieve the 2017 target was made known publicly to journalists last year. A total of around two thousand emirates identification card reading machines were made available to hospitals two years ago as a collaborative effort of the automated scheme.

“The previous year, we made it known we would provide the automated system to our customers in the year 2017. We will make more information regarding this initiative in due time,” the CEO of the company, Dr Michael Bitzer, said.

Michael disclosed that the unification of all available health related services into one simple card is achievable due to the presence of a protected platform.

“Healthcare facilities all across the United Arab Emirates are well detailed in the usage of the program. Stakeholders are primed to reap from the ease with which using a single card to gain admittance to healthcare services.

At the same time, providers of medical services will gain from the cost-effective nature of attending to patients via a single program”, Michael added.

The Government of the day has been looking for ways to integrate a variety of services into the identification card, which includes admission into immigration, and e-payments.

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