Latest Immigration Announcements for the Indian Community

Posted on: 20 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration ,

The current news is the alteration in the laws guiding the migration of foreigners in the country of New Zealand by the Minister of Migration in the nation, Michael Woodhouse, which caused a lot more controversial reaction than it would necessarily have earlier today. As professionals carefully debate the way and manner in which this decision could ultimately affect his position as Minister, new outlets have put together five crucial things every Indian citizen intending on traveling to New Zealand must know: 1. The change won’t take place until later in August 2016 In spite of all the fear and agitation that greeted the announcement of the new rule amongst the community of migrants already on a permit in the country, the proposed alterations won’t be in effect until later in August this year. 2. New Zealand is set to reduce the point allocated to education Recently, the method of gaining permanent residency status by being a foreign student has been the subject of debate amongst a section of the public who are not in support of migration as a whole. A large number of political office holders and ordinary citizens have been vocally unamused by the method. 3. Points allocated to talented foreign employees will be greater than points given to students in the country. One of the things that can be observed clearly in this new change is that it seems the administration would give a lot of priority to talented migrants than it would be foreign students in the country. More points won’t be given to job sectors where there is a lack of talent neither would it be given for the securing of a job or experience in work in areas identified as “Growth regions.” 4. There will be no awarding of points to relatives in the country. Applicants who put forward applications would not get extra points for having a relative living in the country. 5. For applicants between 30 and 39, the points given for age would be increased. The website of the Department of Migration in New Zealand disclosed that the points for foreigners applying for permanent residency would rise if applicants are between ages 30 and 39 at the time of application. It is also worth knowing that spouses of migrants on the talented work permit will not be given a straight work permit. The move seems to have affected a lot of intending migrants. Initially, workers like those in the culinary sector were qualified to bring in their family members to the country.

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