Kuwait Immigration Operatives Arrested 2 ISIS Members

The Philippines department of justice disclosed that officials working in the nation’s Ministry for Migration apprehended a migrant couple who are suspected to have links with the notorious Islamic state who had been strategizing how to carry out a bomb attack in the country. The secretary of the department of justice, Vitaliano Aguirre and the head of the nation’s ministry of migration, Jaime Morente, had paraded two suspects, Husayn Al-Dharifi and Rahaf Zina, from Kuwait and Syria respectively at the country’s Ministry of criminal affairs headquarters on the 6th of April. According to reports made available to the nation’s military forces by the government of Kuwait and the military of the Philippines, Vitaliano disclosed that Husayn was connected to the terrorist body ISIS and has a reputation for crafting weapons of war such as bombs. “The report we received was that they had plans to carry out an attack. We are quite uncertain about the location if it’s in the Philippines or Kuwait. The Philippines may have been crucial to their plans for them to have come here,” Jamie disclosed to reporters. Later in the interview, Vitaliano acknowledged that investigators were not still sure why they had come to the Philippines. “The truth is given their inaction, we have been able to curtail whatever disastrous act they had in mind to perpetrate,” Vitaliano stated. The Department of Criminal Investigation conducted a search operation on the 25th of March together with the nation’s army and the cops. The Department of Justice disclosed that the operation was headed by the Department of Migration as the suspects were in the country on undocumented grounds. The suspects will be sent back to their home nation or the last place they were recorded to have visited before coming to the Philippines. Vitaliano disclosed that it was possible for the suspects to journey to parts of the Philippines in January. “Intelligence has it that the resided in the state of Davao for around four days before they traveled back to the state of Manila. The report has it also that they went to Cebu and resided for about three days too. All in the month of January,” he disclosed. The head of the nation’s investigation department disclosed that the suspects came to the Philippines at the end of January from Qatar, in contrast to what Vitaliano had said earlier about the suspects traveling all over the Philippines in January.    

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