Here’s How Trump Made Last-Minute Changes to the H1-B

The window for applying for the H1-B permit in the United States was opened on Monday; immediately the president had given out the last minute order outlining the rules for the permits scheme. The H1-B permit lets hiring companies employ highly experienced workers from overseas, especially for positions that can’t be taken over by United States citizens. In the state of Philadelphia, holders of the H1-B permit are pioneers for innovative development, reports have said. The order from the United States citizenship and migration service passed on Monday comprises of new steps to discover abuse and fraud in the system. It also entails vetting the applicants and applications for the permit more tightly. “The scheme should enable the firms in the United States to employ expert foreign workers when there is a lack of qualified hands in the country,” the order says. “Also, a lot of American employees who is fit to do the job and is available should not be ignored for these foreign nationals.” The new rules also make clear the requirements for computer programmers submitting applications for the permit to submit proof that the jobs they are applying for are super complicated and need advanced knowledge and expertise, a news outlets reports. The rules have been put in place already. Some sectors have claimed that the current administration is being myopic in its approach to get all the centers issuing the permits up to date on its new policies. Others have also disputed that the current rule is doing exactly what the administration is doing with the travel ban, and that is the vetting process and increase the tempo at which foreigners are being vetted. This alteration is just the very first of a lot of changes to come in the nearest future.    

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