UK PM Plans to Launch Fast-tracked Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals

UK PM Plans to Launch Fast-tracked Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals

Departments of the Government have been urged by UK PM Boris Johnson to associate with the scientific community to promote a new type of fast-tracked visa path for highly skilled workers.

The purpose of the latest visa paths, which will launch at the end of this year, is to support skilled workers from abroad to consider a position in the UK.

UK PM told that the UK has proud innovation history that can only continue by assuring immigration rules that allow talent from overseas and easy access to jobs in the UK.

UK’s Skilled Fast Track Immigration Path

The fast track immigration path will be created to bring elite researchers and professionals in engineering, science, and technology, and the winners of globally recognized fellowships and prizes, he said.

One of the technology industry’s principal concerns following the UK’s choice to exit from the European Union was concentrated on a lack of home-grown expertise, and a huge number of individuals working in the tech industry in the UK are from abroad.

Concerns raised when it was found in the year 2018 that higher than 3,000 qualified visas for those skilled in technology, science, engineer and maths were rejected due to visa caps.

Since, the UK government has been striving to assure people with special technical skills can work in the UK more efficiently, initially choosing to eliminate skilled nurses and doctors from being covered in UK Tier 2 skilled visa caps to enable more individuals skilled in other disciplines, and then prolonging the Tier 2 regular salary exception to paramedics and nurses, medical radiographers and secondary school teachers.

The Migration Advisory Committee suggested to eliminate the UK Tier 2 visa cap collectively, which is in the UK government white paper and it may happen in the future.

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