UK Announces New List of Countries to Get Easier Student Visas

The revised list of countries to enjoy easier UK student visas released by the Home Office yet again excludes India despite Prime Minister Theresa May's continuous claim that links with India are imperative to the UK after exiting the European Union.

India still excluded from list of countries UK favors for Student visas

The inclusion of China but not India in the list released in June 2018 led to a row, and one would expect that India will make the latest list given UK's preparation for post-Brexit life yet India did not make it.

The possibility of students abusing UK visa system and overstaying their visas is one of the ranges of criteria considered when choosing countries that made the list which India could not measure up but could make sooner than expected according to officials.

The revised list has 26 countries with new ones including Peru, Oman, Brazil, Tunisia, Mauritius, and Kazakhstan.

UK to lose

The latest of exclusion of India only adds insult to injury according to a member of the House of Lords and president of the UK Council for International Student Affairs - Karan Bilimoria who said the growth in students from India, which is to soon overtake the UK as the fifth largest economy in the world, is obvious for all and will increase greatly over the next few years.

She moved on to affirm that it is the UK that will lose after this second discrimination against India as Indian students, who are one of the brightest in the world, will end up not making it to the country. She also said UK's desire to have a great business link with India post-Brexit will only be a matter of dreams this way.

Students from countries that made the list will submit fewer documents when making their study applications to the UK.

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