The UK Introduces New Visa for the Tech Industry

Deal room and Tech Nation conducted research which showed that the UK has the highest number of tech unicorns — private companies with value at more than £745 million — in Europe. The UK alone has 37% of tech unicorns in the whole of Europe! The UK Introduces New Visa for the Tech Industry The growth rate of the tech sector in Europe is increasing without relent and against all the odds. It is quite expected because the UK pays attention to the tech sector, providing opportunities, and creating the right environment for tech companies to establish their presence in the country. Because the tech sector mostly requires the skills in the various sub-niches of the industry, these companies build their staff strength by combining their already-existing staff working in their overseas branches with new recruits. Whichever one they choose, when the recruit is not an EEA citizen, they will need a visa before they can resume work in the UK. There are varieties of immigration routes for tech companies that intend to set up a UK presence. These varieties of immigration routes for UK tech companies makes this time apt for tech companies to establish branches and grow in the UK.

The representative of an overseas business

This category is for overseas tech companies with plans to establish their presence in the UK. All they need to do here is send an employee to the UK. The representing employee and the company must meet some requirements before they can qualify for this category. Some of these requirements demand that the employee be a full-time staff of the company and that the company is headquartered overseas with no existing place of business in the UK. The other two routes are for people who are not EEA nationals to establish a business presence in the UK. The two routes — the start-up visa and the innovator visa — afford individuals the opportunity to establish businesses in the UK and hire non-EEA staff via sponsorship. The applicant must be endorsed by an organization on the government's list of endorsement bodies. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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