The Demand for A UK Post-Study Work Visa Gets Hotter

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The Demand for A UK Post-Study Work Visa Gets Hotter

MPs in the UK have demanded that the government brings back the post-study work visa and make universities responsible for awarding a specific number of visas to deserving Indian students.

The Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons recommended these changes on June 24 in a UK-India relations report which revealed that the traffic of Indians who came to study in the UK between 2010 and 2014 went down from 40,000 to 20,000 - a 50 percent reduction. This period covers the year (2012) when the post-study visa was scrapped.

The report recommends that the government makes a commitment to raise the validity of post-study visas for international students to at least two years.

It recommends too that the government involves universities in the process of visa application. It argued that having the top universities in the UK issue a specific number of study visas directly to the highest-performing students in India would make students more competitive and reduce the hurdles caused by bureaucracy for people who want to come to the UK to improve their skills.

India not a low risk county in the UK

The report further pointed out that students from India are not included in the list of low-risk countries. Being in that list, gives students from such countries access to better treatment, as stated in the guidelines of the Tier 4 visa system. The low-risk countries are such as Cambodia, Indonesia, China, and Kazakhstan.

In a broader tone, the report recommends that the Foreign Office sees to it that the wider government migration policy features the goal of making the overall relationship between the UK and India better. The policies should be interested in making the process lighter for Indian students, tourists, and skilled who want to come to the UK.

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