Scotland Set to Push for its Own Visa System

Scotland Set to Push for its Own Visa System

Scotland may attempt to add freedom of movement as part of the plans to establish its own visa system. According to the SNP's Minister for Immigration, the visa system under discussion may extend beyond the EU.

Ben MacPherson said that with the coming of a unique work visa system for Scotland, the post-Brexit plans of the UK government to impose a salary threshold may not stand.

The proposals for a £30,000 salary threshold have previously been decried by critics who branded it 'cruel and stupid.' This was after research showed that there were 1.5 million jobs in Scotland alone, which fell short of the threshold.

According to MacPherson, the UK government's immigration plans for post-Brexit has raised a lot of alarm, and an increasing number of businesses are embracing the idea of establishing a separate immigration system for Scotland.

He went further to say that Scotland could ignore the salary threshold and adopt the rules of the European Union on freedom of movement.

The Scottish visa might come under the umbrella of the UK

MacPherson revealed that ministers were proposing having a Scottish visa which will be covered under the UK framework. He added that the idea would bring an additional route that will be based on residency. This way, the holder of the visa must live and work in Scotland.

The visa, according to MacPherson will be introduced in conjunction with the government of the UK, since the Border Force would remain a reserved body. Scotland will be responsible for setting the regulations of the visa through the Scottish Parliament.

The UK government reserves the right to have a choice on whether to adopt a restrictive approach on immigration, according to MacPherson, but that choice is certainly not favorable to Scotland. MacPherson had earlier said that Scotland needs to grow its population and fit this reason; it needs its own visa system to make it happen.

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