Relaxed UK Visa Rules Does Not Favour Indian Students

The UK government on Thursday announced the changes to its visa and immigration system. These changes include the introducing of two new visa categories for people from all over the world looking to do business in the UK and the inclusion of more countries to its list of countries that enjoy its streamlined student visa procedures. This time again, India did not make the expanded list of countries which now includes Mauritius, Brazil, Peru, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, and Oman. Relaxed UK Visa Rules Does Not Favour Indian Students The UK Home Office said the changes to its visa and immigration system is not going to be beneficial to the students alone who have been given access to the streamlined application process but will ensure that the world-leading educational institutions in the UK remain competitive and attractive in the international scene. This new list would be the second time the Appendix 4 List for Tier 4 student visas — which includes China and Mexico — would be reviewed without including India. Surprisingly, India contributes significantly to the number of international students applying to schools in Britain.

India does not qualify to be on the list

The UK government has maintained that India falls short of the “required criteria” to be added to the expanded list and that there will not be any changes in the services Indian students will receive. The other significant change made to the visa system is the two new visa routes opened for people with business minds and potentials to come open businesses in the country. These two new visa routes; the Start-up visa route and the Innovator visa route will serve different purposes. The former will be for those who have never set up a business in the UK while the latter will be for those with more experience in business and who have money to invest in their business. Stay connected to www.visatime.comto get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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