Post-Brexit Immigration System will Cost Employers £1BN in Red Tape

In a report by Global Future, the Parliament has refused to pass a bill which the government has been trying to get on the post-Brexit immigration policy. It was referred to as a mistake, which will make hospitals which are cash-strapped run dry, financially. In addition, Global future said that the approval of the paper by the Commons will lead to a 100,000 shortfall of social care and nursing staff. Post-Brexit Immigration System will Cost Employers £1BN in Red Tape The think tank is scared that the £30,000 threshold of the government on salaries of migrants would render a lot of elderly people in Britain without a care as the nurses presently, even those from outside the country do not earn much. According to a study, the EU students who hoped to study at universities in the UK will face an £80 million barrier imposed by the government’s flagship proposals.

Bad Effects of the plan

Fergus Peace, the report’s author, explained that the deal had positive aspects; however, a lot of issues need to be straightened. He continued that there are sensible measures included in the Immigration white paper, but in total, an unambiguous shift toward an immigration system will be represented, and this will be damaging to the country and its prospects. He said that workers would be put off about the new visa system which comes with the £30,000 threshold. Still, on the matter, the report author said a £1 billion bureaucratic difficulty will be experienced by employers, even NHS who is siphoning huge amount of money gotten in visa fees from hospitals which are cash-strapped, to the Home office. Mr. Fergus Peace said an environment which is unfriendly will be created for the migrants in the UK if these plans are followed. According to him, the white paper plan will aid in closing the Britons out of the world, even though the government has presented end of freedom of movement as a great prize at the core of this Brexit strategy. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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