Government Plans Show Migration Could Increase Significantly Post-Brexit

With the much-discussed Brexit drawing closer as each day passes, the latest trends are suggesting things will not be as bad as earlier suggested. Latest in the series is the claim by Migration Watch UK saying migrants flow into the country could be on the increase which is a contrast to the immigration reduction claim of the country's Home Secretary.


If the system proposed by the government of the UK is implemented, the difference between arrival and departure could be as high as 380,000 per fiscal year post Brexit.

This greater arrival will be accounted for by a much higher proportion of non-EU compared to what is obtainable at the moment.

Government Playing Foul

With the expected upsurge in immigration from non-EU countries, Migration Watch UK (MWUK) claims that a good number of EU migrants will be replaced.

The proposed policy will lead to higher immigration level with non-EU countries accounting for greater proportion which is a total contrast to the government's promise of restoring sovereign control of the country's borders.

MWUK's claims are based on several assumptions about outflows and inflows in the future. The Home Office has declared such claims to be untrue and inaccurate.

A spokesman for the Home Office said a minimum salary threshold of £30,000, as recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee, will be set for all skilled workers. This threshold will help the agency to relate with businesses as well as retain the ability to attract needed top talents to the country while it controls immigration at the same time, he said.

He restated the country's aim: ending free movement, reducing net migration to a sustainable level and ensuring the border is secured.

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