Birmingham Becomes the Best UK City for Business Entrepreneurs

Birmingham Becomes the Best UK City for Business Entrepreneurs

Birmingham becomes the Best UK City for Business Entrepreneurs having the MBA degree and entrepreneurial ambitions. Also there is a bright startup growth and a series of new investments in Birmingham. 

There are many positives here

It is a powerhouse bringing out fresh startups and entrepreneurs at a good rate. Additionally, its ratio of startup-to-population has overtaken London. It is cheaper for the entrepreneurs who look for a base away from London. Moreover, the prospective MBA students set to start their own business; top quality universities present exciting opportunities.

Birmingham is the top UK city for entrepreneurs for these reasons:

Vibrant Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship

Birmingham is a thriving city for new businesses. Also 18,590 fresh businesses started in 2018. It has a fine reputation for the growth of entrepreneurs and aspiring businessmen move to it and derive benefit from the ecosystem and networking for entrepreneurs.

There are five universities in Birmingham that adapt their programs in a suitable manner. Aston Business School is popular with MBA students to set up a business. The school is the coordinator of the BSEEN program, serving as a joint venture of universities in Birmingham to help the startups involving MBA students to get off the ground.

There is mentoring, boot camps, and also office space is provided to the businesses. Furthermore there are other entrepreneurs, who went through, the similar process.

Stability and Affordability

In the present times when immigration has further curbs the UK government is offering a series of incentives to overseas entrepreneurs with the Startup and Innovator visa.

Aston Business School offers incentives to entrepreneurs, and is an ideal place to start or create new business.

There is a Future Leader and Entrepreneur Scholarship program that offers a grant of $12,000 to MBA students having leadership skills, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial experience.

Birmingham is more attractive and reassuring proposition, compared to London, as it is costly for all categories of new businesses. Even The cost of office space is three to four times cheaper in Birmingham.

Investment for future

The growth of Startup is high in Birmingham and it also presents a bright future. Additionally, the influx of money and more investment aimed specifically to benefit at small to medium businesses helps in Growth.

The Midlands Engine Investment Fund, launched last year has $300 million investment funds for the development of many entrepreneurial projects.  It has invested in 150 projects and is a leading investor in Birmingham projects. Also it has a share of 41% of in UK investment for equity made outside London.  Finally we can say that MBA students can find special access in Birmingham and also set up their own business.

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