Visa entry chaos in USA

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Visa entry chaos in USA

Donald Trump sent shock waves across the globe when he announced a ban on immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries.  In confusing and uncertain times it is unclear what the next step will be and indeed who is allowed to travel into the USA under the new arrangements.  Trump has assured people that in the coming weeks clear guidelines will be put in place.

Trump has said that visa issuing as soon as the administration has reviews their policies.

The chaos surrounding the ban has led to valid visa holders and legal residents being denied entry and many lawsuits being filed but at the moment there is no clear directive on how the ban is going to play out.

What is known is that the entire US refugee admissions system has been halted for at least 120 days, the Syrian refugee process has been halted indefinitely and citizens from the seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will continue for another 90 days.  Clarification on dual nationality holders have now had clarification and will be “treated according to the travel document they present.”

While the ban has left many reeling it is hoped that in the near future the administration will put in place measures to ensure that those with the correct document will be able to travel freely. The department of Homeland Security has announced that some legal permanent residents who pose no serious threat will be allowed in although it is unclear if these will include those travelling on work or student visas.  There has been widespread condemnation across the globe for the bans but it seems that the Trump administration is intent on following through of their promise of ‘extreme vetting’ made on the election campaign.  The future is certainly unclear for many immigrants.


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