Ukraine Issues Over 3,670 Visas To Nigerians

Ukraine has issued over 3,700 visas to applicants from Nigeria over the last two years. This statement was made in Abuja by Dr. ValeriiAlesandruk, the Ukrainian ambassador to Nigeria. According to him, the number of Nigerians who were successful in getting the Ukrainian visa rose by 45% in 2018. Ukraine issues over 3,670 visas to Nigerians In 2017, only 1642 Nigerian applicants were issued visas to travel to Ukraine. Out of this number, 821 visas were granted to students who needed for further studies in Ukraine.

More Nigerians traveling to Ukraine in 2018

By contrast, since the first ten months of 2018, Ukraine has already granted 2,028 visas to Nigerians out of which 1,193 permits were granted to students. There are at least 4,000 Nigerian nationals in Ukraine studying different courses. This is to foster cooperation, and better relations between the two countries as young people from Nigeria travel to Ukraine to study. Alesandruk further remarked that with the 45% increase in the rate at which Nigerians seek the Ukrainian visa, the need to stabilize it has become more prominent and the country has risen to this need. According to him, Ukraine seeks to enhance its foreign relations with Nigeria mostly in the fields of technology, education, defense, etc. Education is crucial in every country, and Ukraine has become a preferred destination for Nigerians students for their further studies. He said that Ukraine and Nigeria had mutual cooperation in international organizations. Ukraine in the past had received support from Nigeria and had, in turn, assisted Nigeria in fighting the Boko Haram insurgency. It was one of the countries that supplied Nigeria with military equipment to confront the insurgency. The ambassador said that the two countries could improve in their military cooperation and possibly too in space technology. Ukraine's trade relations with Nigeria this year was successful as Ukraine's deputy minister of the economy led over 30 Ukrainian companies from various sectors to Nigeria on a trade mission.n. He was sure that Nigeria had enormous potential and businessmen from Ukraine could maximize it. Stay connected to VisaTime to remain updated on visa news from Asia, Africa, the US, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East!

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