Saudi Arabia Starts e-Visas for Tourists to Boost Tourism Industry

Saudi Arabia Starts e-Visas for Tourists to Boost Tourism Industry

Once upon a time one of the most remote nations in the globe is Saudi Arabia, has now revealed e-visas for holders of passport for 49 nations, including the UK, US, the European Union, Japan, China, New Zealand, and Australia.

In latest years, mainly Muslim pilgrims, skilled workers who have sponsored with business visas and Saudi nationals family members were suitable for visitor visas.

Now the latest e-visas can be appealed for online for a price of SR440. The formal website of Saudi Arabia for e-visas reveals. It comes as the nation drops its stringent dress code for international women as it asks for the initial time to attract holidaymakers to the country.

Saudi Arabia’s New Tourist e-Visa

The tourist visa of Saudi Arabia will be valid for a tenure of 12 months and for many entries. The Visitors can live for a maximum of 90 days per each visit, and no higher than 180 days altogether in the whole year.

It is also not clear that how far the Country is ready to change rules on alcohol consumption and unmarried couples living together -- both are banned at present that might be off-putting to possible visitors. Few hotels have been instructed not to enquire about the visitors marital status.

Saudi Arabia has few of the most stringent regulations for women in the globe and the Arab kingdom has recognized crimes against decency that will be condemned with fine.

The latest code of conduct lists 19 distinct offenses that involve dressing immodestly, taking photos of other people without their consent, public displays of affection, littering, spitting, and playing music during the time of prayer. Female tourists are demanded to cover their knees and shoulders. But, they will not be demanded to cover their hair.

Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince has begun an great plan to transform society of Saudi Arabia- Vision 2030. Even though the program involves some social features, such as the improvement of entertainment, there are uncertainties on  whether it can address the established gender inequality.

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