New Visa Regulations for Thai travellers to India

Posted on: 06 Feb 2017  |   Tags: business , India , medical , Thailand , tourism , visa ,

Visa news in India is being dominated with talk of changes to the H-1B visa to the USA but in an encouraging move elsewhere India has recently approved a 5 year multiple entry visa for tourists and business travellers from Thailand. The visa allows for stays of up to 90 days per visit.

The multiple entry visa is available to applicants and approved travellers using the express service receive the visa the next day. Meanwhile the minimum salary requirements has been reduced to 910,000 Rupees for those applying for a work permit at universities and other teaching posts. There will also be intern visas for those Thais that are looking to take up internships at companies or research organisations in India. Thais teaching at some universities such as South Asian University are completely exempt from the minimum salary regulations. The move has come in a bid to increase the flow of Thais into Indian higher education establishments.

New immigration entry points at airports for medical tourists are also being introduced at many international airports including Mumbai and Bengaluru in an attempt to speed up entry for this category of traveller. For tourist on cruise ships there will now be e-tourist visas available for cruise ship visitors entering at Chennai, Mangalore and Cochin.

Other changes to the visa system announced include a 60 day double entry business visa and a tripe entry medical e visa. Finally there has been a new category introduced to encourage Thai filmmakers filming in India with the introduction of a film visa for film shoots.

It is hoped that these changes will encourage travel between the two countries for tourism, medical and business travel, as well as education.

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