Malaysian travellers to Australia warned over visa scam

Posted on: 15 Feb 2017  |   Tags: Australia , illegal immigrant , Malaysia , visa ,

Malaysian travellers to Australia warned over visa scam

In a bid to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from Malaysia the Australian High Commission has issued a statement reminding Malaysian citizens to apply and obtain a visa prior to travelling to Australia. Australia is working hard to reduce immigration to the country, or at least allow only those that have the necessary skills to enter the country and this is the latest move to tackle the problem.

Currently most Malaysia’s are permitted travel to Australia with an ETA, Electronic Travel Authority but this is strictly reserved for tourists and the document will not allow travellers to work under this visa.

The Australian government acknowledges that some of the recent illegal immigrants from Malaysia caught working without a visa were victims of exploitation but has issued the reminder as a warning both to prevent illegal immigrants and possible people trafficking.

Many scams have recently been uncovered where Malaysian victims have been offered Australian work visas for sale and then taken to work for very low, or even no wages and it is hoped that this warning will let would be travellers better understand the visa rules and regulations.  The Australian High Commission has said that tourism travellers on the Electronic Travel Authority should remain in the country for only the period of time allowed and should under no circumstances enter into any work whilst travelling.  If they intend to work in Australia then they must apply for a suitable work permit for the nature of work and employment that they intend to carry out.  There will be no exceptions and any foreign nationals working illegally will be detained and deported back to their country of origin, incur costs and face the possibility of being barred from entering Australia in the future.

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