Immigration remains top of the Brexit agenda

Posted on: 21 Oct 2016  |   Tags: Brexit , Europe , immigration , UK ,

Brexit discussions are throwing up more questions than answers as the debate about how the UK will exit Europe rages on.  Already there has been controversial discussion on changes to student visa system and the introduction of a two tier student visa system. Now it has emerged that Theresa May has instructed those around her to create an “efficient and targeted visa system”. The Government’s immigration task force has been ordered to drive policies forward that will achieve the target of under one hundred thousand arrivals per year. In a bid to achieve this they will implement “domestic measures to control migration”. Furthermore there are reports that in another controversial move the prime minister has asked the taskforce to cut migration by making it increasingly hard for illegal immigrants to stay in the UK. These immigration moves by the prime minister make it clear that she is moving towards a hard exit from the European Union and there will be agreement on freedom of movement within the terms of the exit.  Immigration was a key discussion point which is thought to have influenced many of the pro Brexit voters and the government is determined to make immigration a focus of the exit negotiations.  However not everyone is convinced that curbing immigration is in the best interests of a post Brexit economy and predict a shortage of low skilled labour for many, especially the agricultural and hospitality sectors. Many pro Brexit ministers, including Philip Hammond, the Chancellor are reported to be concerned over the restriction on labour and the affect this will have on an already pressurised economy following Brexit.  There are many discussions to be had following the country’s decision to leave the European Union and immigration remains top of the pile. Mrs May appears to be taking a hard stance on reducing immigration to the UK and implementing her own immigration demands on the Brexit negotiations.

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