The Government of Palau Seeking an Eco-pledge from Every Tourist

The government of Palau will soon be seeking an eco-pledge from every tourist that visits the island country.  Palau is an archipelago which consists of around 340 islands. The island country is only 180 sq miles big and has only 21,000 citizens. However, the Pacific country is visited by over 150,000 every year. It is literally out there in the nowhere but has attracted tourists from all countries. The government wants visitors to be aware and acknowledge Palau’s natural beauty and not do anything that destroys environmental peace. So when tourists get their Palau visa stamp on the passport, they have to follow all the instructions. The locals are irritated and annoyed by tourists who come to their country and litter around. They cross all their limits and even sit on turtles to click photos. Some people mindlessly walk on the delicate corals that line the islands’ coasts. According to the pledge, the tourists are expected to “tread lightly, act kindly and explore mindfully” so that they protect the beautiful island country. The government wrote this pledge with the help of its children. Tommy Remengesau, President feels that it is their way of saying that all generations to come will look after Palau’s ecosystem. He said that environmental conservation is their most significant principle and is at the center of their heart. If they don’t take action now, it will destroy beyond repair and the world will lose something valuable. Paradise for nature lovers The pristine blue beaches of the islands of Palau are the worthy sight. It is also one of the best diving spots in the world as the clear waters let you see the unique underwater life of the place. A 14-hour flight will take you from India to Palau. Some of best places to visit in Palau are Rock Islands, Koror, and Babeldaob.

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