Georgia announces visa free travel for Saudi's

Posted on: 01 Nov 2016  |   Tags: Georgia , Saudi Arabia , tourism , trade , visa ,

It has been announced during a meeting between the Georgian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry that Saudi citizens are now able to travel to Georgia without the need for getting a visa. In an effort to strengthen trade and tourism ties between the two countries it is hope that the announcement will encourage travel and business.  As well as announcing visa-free travel Saudi's are now able to stay for up to a year, with multiple entries and stay up to three months at a time.  They will still be asked to produce their residence visa and well as hotel and airline bookings. There has however been no reciprocal agreement announced and Georgia’s wanting to travel to Saudi will still require a visa. The ambassador said that Georgia was expecting a Saudi embassy to be opened in Georgia soon to further encourage trade between the two nations and he called on Saudi tourists to make the trip to Georgia to visit “historical monuments, landscapes, healthy products and the mild climate”. The number of visitors from Saudi Arabia to Georgia had already been on the increase with the numbers visiting almost doubling in the past year.  The ambassador went on the say that with the new visa regulations in place they expected that figure to rise to over 30,000 in the coming year. In addition to the increase in visitors it is hoped that investment will also increase.  Saudi investments in Georgia are considerable and currently exceed $100m, 200% up on last year and this is expected to continue to rise over the coming years. Agriculture and livestock are a key trading area for the two countries.  Following these agreements it is hoped that more bilateral arrangements between the two countries can be put in place to continue the upward trend in trade.  

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